Those late night times when the world feels empty

by misglitter

I will be the first to tell you I have amazing people in my life. My friends and family are more than I could ever ask for. They are beautiful people so full of love and support and I am truly lucky to have them in my world.

But on nights like this, I really miss my boyfriend. As I explore new cities and have exciting adventures, I can’t help but wish he was here to do it with me. I want him here to share news with, to share ideas and thoughts, to share my deep secrets, to share in silence with me. I watch people around me happy with their significant other, truly happy, and it makes me miss him so much. There’s something so reassuring and comforting about having your best friend with you at all times to just share experiences with. We had so many plans together and now I feel so alone.

Soon, my boyfriend’s viking ship will be burning with the Man. Thank you to my best friend for making it for him. There’s so much glitter. ❤