Taking a Step Back

by misglitter

It’s been so long since I’ve written one of these. Over the last few months a lot has changed in my life and I feel as if I’ve lost a lot of the inner peace I found while in California. At the same time though, I feel more enlightened than ever. I’ve come to a point in my life where I can see the pieces coming back together.
I have a much more positive outlook for the future because my perspective and understanding of life has changed drastically.

A few months ago, either April or May (I can’t remember dates, ever), I had an appointment with a renowned medium out of Brooklyn. (Gemma … Something. Again, don’t remember.) I don’t know what exactly I was hoping to achieve – closure, answers to questions that had been burning at my very core for the last year, guidance about where to go from here? I guess all of these things, but mainly I just did it because I felt as if I should. For quite some time I had thought about having a reading done, but it never seemed right. When an email was forwarded to me containing a transcript of a session with Gemma and the participant’s explanations, I knew I had to do it, too.

I won’t go into detail about what exactly was said. It seems weirdly personal, though it was a conversation with a complete stranger. However, I will say the things she said to me erased all doubts of her being a phony, and after her extremely specific and accurate statements, I felt the weight lift from my shoulders.

For the first time in a year, I didn’t feel clouded by grief or anger. I felt sure of my actions, my beliefs. I felt as if all of my suspicions and hopes were confirmed. She provided me with so much closure that it facilitated my ability to grieve without resentment and a deep sense of betrayal. After our session ended I broke down and sobbed on the kitchen floor, but instead of crying out of sadness, I was crying with relief, love and thankfulness.

The “truth” behind what was said is, of course, always debatable. I know the supernatural isn’t for everyone. I was determined though to not blindly believe everything she said. Instead I took it at face value. Her words to me were reassuring, comforting and exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe she “talked” to him, maybe she didn’t, who’s to say? Regardless, it put me on a path of healing. I’m so thankful for that experience. My life seems, almost, right again.